Dan solves 6p=5-3p in the way shown below. Which properties did Dan use for Step 1 and Step 2?

Accepted Solution

Answer:Both the addition property of equality and the additive identity propertyStep-by-step explanation:we know thatThe addition property of equality states that if the same amount is added to both sides of an equation, then the equality is still trueThe additive identity property says that if you add a real number to zero or add zero to a real number, then you get the same real number backwe have[tex]6p=5-3p[/tex]step 1Applying the addition property of equality adds 3p both sides[tex]6p+3p=5-3p+3p[/tex]step 2Applying the additive identity property[tex]6p+3p=5+0[/tex]step 3[tex]9p=5[/tex]step 4[tex]p=5/9[/tex]